Tuesday, March 26, 2013

1920 Silent Movie Lantern Slides

These slides were shown before and at the intermission during silent movies. They are glass plates with hand colored images. I found these among a large group of slides with films from 1919 to 21. So, these are most likely from the same period. 

A series of cool Fitz Overalls Ad from Bushton Mercantile Company. 

A gorgeous Edwardian hat ad.

A Coopers "Kenosha Klosed Krotch" union suit ad.

Here's one of the films, "The Last Outlaw" 1919, A short western by John Ford- from when he called himself Jack Ford. Only part of the film survives but it is the first film he cowrote and according to some critics, the first sign  of what was to come from this great director. The film follows an old bad ass cowboy and his encounter with the modern world, cars bicycles etc. Ford remade the film in 1936 with Harry Carey.

Several of the above slides are now offered by us on Ebay.

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