Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Turn of the Century Union Suit

Found this wonderful light weight summer union suit in an old suit case we had in the warehouse. I'm not sure where we acquired it, I guess they were with a large group of things and I didn't notice it. The fabric is a wonderful crisp cotton with a super tiny houndstooth check. The checks are indigo blue. The construction is both hand stitching and machine. A very simple machine btw. The tailored worked buttonholes were overcast by hand. There are pleats on the outside of each leg.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

1940s Men's Sportswear

This is a really cool store display for Rugby Brand men's sportswear. When you find Rugby items, they are usually really nice vintage clothing items. Always well made and usually a bold design. This is a semi translucent card-stock, I am not sure whether its been waxed or plasticized somehow. It was used in a deep frame that was illuminated. Sadly the frame was missing when i found this pinned to the wall in a very old store. The store owner described for me how it originally was displayed.